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Stainless Steel Engineering Solutions

For food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, environment and energy industries. Here, you'll find the quality and professionalism you seek!


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Design, production, and assembly of stainless steel equipment! Look no further, we are the solution you're seeking.


Years of Experience

About Us

Our History

The history of Inoxarões began in 1991, when our team started developing equipment for the wine industry. After the first decade of growth and mastering the technique, the need for diversification arose, and the industry’s demand for higher quality equipment became a necessity. Inoxarões then began designing and building the first equipment for the food sector, with a special focus on the dairy industry and energy or environmental sectors.

Over the past 10 years, as a result of significant investment, Inoxarões has been working across various business sectors including food, beverages, chemicals (developing solvent storage, equipment, reactors, and heat exchangers), energy (developing equipment for liquid and/or gaseous effluent treatment for export), pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, and nuclear. This portfolio expansion allowed the company to take its first major step towards the international market and expanded its customer base to Central/Northern Europe.

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Discover Our Areas of Expertise

We guarantee the construction of high-quality equipment, with the best performance, durability, and ergonomics, making our products highly reliable and efficient.


We have the necessary know-how for developing the best solutions for the food sector, whether it's storage, fermentation, or maturation.


We manufacture solutions for the beverage industry, such as pressurized fermentation vessels (CCT), maturation and conditioning equipment, integrated with CIP Systems.


We have skilled workers and the necessary equipment to manufacture equipment for the pharmaceutical industry, enabling us to meet the most demanding needs of our customers.

Chemistry and Petrochemistry

We are equipped with the necessary know-how to develop the best solutions for Chemistry and Petrochemistry. Whether it's in storage or processing, our commitment is to quality!

Environment and Energy

We believe in the future of the green industry and aim to be part of it by implementing best practices. We strive to make manufacturing more sustainable, thereby delivering the best solutions to diverse markets.

Machine Park

Discover Our Capabilities

Modern facility with a production area of 2000 m2 capable of manufacturing small to medium-sized equipment up to a limit of 200m3.

Within our machine park, we highlight:

  • 6m 600-ton press brake;
  • Automatic welding benches;
  • Automatic circular welding;
  • Manual TIG welding equipment;
  • Lifting capacity up to 20 tons and 16m in height;
  • Hydraulic press;
  • Lathe;
  • 4-roll bending machine;
  • Profile bending machine;
  • Dynamic team with high know-how;
  • Certified calculation software;
  • Certified 3D drawing software.

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Explore Our Projects

Discover our standout projects and see the best of what we do. Imagine, and we’ll execute!

Agitated tank for margarine production. Final destination: Belgium.

Agitated tank

Pressurized tank for process water. Final destination: Belgium.

Pressurized tank

3 x 70m3 soybean oil tanks. Final destination: Belgium.

Soybean oil tank

Condensate collection tank for energy savings purposes. Final destination: Portugal.

Condensate tank

Purified water reservoir for pharmaceutical industry. Final destination: Belgium.

PU Reservoir

Hygienic collector for food-grade compressed air. Final destination: Belgium.

Hygienic collector


Production Control

In order to ensure customer satisfaction, meet deadlines, specifications, and quality standards, we continuously analyze and improve our production and control methods.

In this way, we emphasize the following points:

  • Building Code:
    • PED;
    • EN13445;
    • EN14015;
    • BS5500;
    • AD2000;
    • ASME (Not U-Stamp);
    • ATEX;
    • Vlarem II;
  • 9001 Certification;
  • Welding;
  • Hydraulic Testing;
  • Non-destructive Testing::
    • Penetrant Testing;
    • Surface Roughness Inspection;
    • X-ray or Gamma-ray Inspection.